International scientific and practical conference «Women’s activity: history and modernity»

Домашнее насилие: «преступное молчание»
Международная научно-практическая конференция «Женская активность: история и современность»

Call for papers

 International scientific and practical conference «Women’s activity: history and modernity»


We invite employees of your institution to take part in the conference. Full-time and part-time participation forms on the Zoom platform.

The organizing committee plans to publish a collection of conference materials and send an electronic copy to the participants.

Additional information on the conference can be obtained by phone.

+79287621863, +79286807434

The collection of materials will be posted in the RSCI.


 Dagestan State University of National Economy

Organizing committee address:

367008, Makhachkala, D. Atayev st. 5,


Department of Humanities





Proposed thematic areas of the conference:


  • The role of women in social and political processes;
  • Women in the development of civil society;
  • Women’s activity in the North Caucasus;
  • Contemporary gender policy;
  • Trends in the development of civil society;
  • Women in radical and extremist groups;
  • Gender issues in modern society;
  • Domestic violence: prevention and elimination issues;
  • Women’s activity in Islam;
  • Opportunities and examples of women’s self-organization in traditional society: history and modernity

Event partners:

Daghestan State University

Center for Gender Studies Institute of Ethnology and Anthropology the Russian Academy of Sciences

Center for Global Issues Studies of Modernity and Regional Problems «Caucasus. Peace. Development»


«Women’s activity: history and modernity»

International scientific — practical conference

21 January, 2021


with the financial support of RFFI and EISI as part of the scientific project No.20-011-31371 «Social activity of women in social and political processes in the North Caucasus republics in the context of civil society development»


Makhachkala 2021


The requirements of publishing in this journal are:

  1. Abstracts and articles of no more than 8 pages are accepted for publication
  2. The articles should be submitted in the text editor Word 1997-2003, 2007; font Times New Roman, pin 14 (main text), single interval on white paper of standard size A4 with margins of 2 cm. Text is aligned in width. The pages of the manuscript should be numbered.
  3. Title of the article. The initials and surname of the author are placed at the right edge; the title of the article is typed in capital letters (indicate the subtitle with a lower-case letters) and placed in the center. The author’s surname and the title of the article should be typed in bold
  4. An abstract of no more than 10 lines should summarize the subject of the article and the main conclusions it contains (in Russian and English).

Keywords — 3-6 keywords (in Russian and English)

  1. Reference Style. It is formed at the end of the article (font Times New Roman, pin 12) in accordance with GOST R (State Standard) 7.0.5 — 2008 in alphabetical order. To form references in the text should be in square brackets to the appropriate source of the literature list, for example [1, p. 277]. The use of automatic page references is not allowed.
  2. After the text of the article, indicate: Information about the author (see Appendix 1)

To participate in the conference, you must send to the Organizing Committee up to 17. 01. 2021.

— Attention: The texts of articles are not edited, all responsibility for the style of presentation, grammar is assigned to the authors.


— The Program Committee of the conference reserves the right to reject materials that do not correspond to the subject matter of the conference and are drawn up in violation of the requirements and rules.


— Originality — not less than 75%




















Appendix 1




Middle name___________________________________

Academic degree, title _______________________________________



Form of participation _______________________________________

Section ________________________________

Demonstration equipment required


Phone number, fax ____________________

E-mail (required): __________________________


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